My Platform Issues

At the start of my campaign I had a few changes that I would like to see implemented, but unlike my opponents, solving my issues is NOT enough. I need to know before I am elected, what issues are important to the voters and residents. I have compiled a Platform Issues Immplementation Guide that describes not just issues that are important to you but ideas for implementing or resolving these issues. The Platform Issues Implementation Guide is available on AMAZON in paperback format.

If you are a registered District 3 voter, , you can received a FREE PDF version of the latest guide,.

My Vision

An Affordable City meeting the needs of all residents

I would like to see every resident in the City of Gainesville living in a safe, comfortable home whether owned or rented that they can afford within their income, where each resident can increase their savings for whatever reason, as well as never go hungry or have choices which endanger their well being.

An efficiently operated City Government, where our city workers are happy with their employment, knowing they can complete their tasks without being overworked and exhausted, as well as being sppreciated.