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My campaign platform issues implementation guide is now available at

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A Proposed Solution for Inflationary Home Prices?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been created an index known as the FMR or Fair Market Rents. I went a step further and modified the spreadsheet to add a column titled FMS or Fair Market Sales based on the FMR where the allocation for housing expense is 30%, the modified spreadsheet is available at

A proposed solution for rising housing costs?

While I am proposing income-based affordable housing, the City of Gainesville can pass an ordinance that creates rent control based on the HUD Fair Market rents ( That no landlord with a private room, apartment or home listed for rent within the city limits may charge more than the current HUD FMR. I landlord may apply for an exemption by completing an application for exemption with a payment of a fee, to be decided on a case-by-case basis.
To curb the inflationary rate of home prices will involve HUD to create a similar metric for Fair Market Home Prices, for with another ordinance can be passed to limit home prices and offers to not exceed the new HUD Fair Market Home Prices. Currently HUD only offers a metric of home price sales at An exemption can also be provided for the high-end luxury homes.
The majority of rentals with the City of Gainesville are already listed below the HUD FMR rates.
Please send me a message about your thoughts.

Using my Uber education benefit to enroll in ASU for a degree in Public Policy

Local elections are for entry level candidates, those candidates without any previous public experience. Though a degree in public administration or public policy is NOT a requirement, having an education background will permit the candidate upon being elected, serve the people better.
Uber offers all drivers who have accumulated at least 3000 completed trips, a free education benefit with Arizona State University ( While my enrollment is pending, many state universities in Florida offer free education to seniors over 60 years of age when they audit a class. The University of Florida offers a two-course certificate on public affairs.
Meanwhile MIT Open courseware (OCW) has a large selection of complete course on public policy. The University of West Florida has a list of public policy courses.
While I am waiting on my enrollment at ASU, I have other options to prepare in the interim.

The Next Campaign

This morning I have filed my Statement of Candidacy and Treasurer Appointment as Candidate for City Commission, District 3. I am asking for your assistance with my campaign. Please contact me. ([email protected])

Completed 4 hour Ethics course

I completed the 4 hour course online through FSU on Florida Ethics, Public Records and Sunshine Law 2021. View my certificate at

Completed 2 hour course Understanding and Using Parliamentary Procedure

In the public meeting on September 27, 2021, a reference was made to the Commissioners they should learn Parliamentary Procedure. A 2 hour course is available from FSU on the Understanding and Using Parliamentary Procedure. In the course, sidebars of the Commissioners (talking among themselves) is discourage in Parliamentary Procedures as well as the adherence to motion precedence.
I have completed this course and you can view my certificate of completion at