Main Principle - Listening to the Residents of the City of Gainesville, Florida FIRST!

The People of the City of Gainesville have been ignored far too long! We need leaders who put the People first. Through my campaigning, I have demonstrated that I am the candidate who will truly listen and take action. Whereas my opponents and former-opponents have also adopted my policy of listening first and agreed on many of my ideas. I am already bringing positive change to the City of Gainesville just by interacting with my opponents, other candidates, and you the People. Electing me as your At-Large Seat A City Commissioner will bring the positive change that we need!

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My Endorsements

Harvey Ward for Mayor

I endorsed Harvey Ward for Mayor because he has the experience of being a two term Commissioner who is approachable and truly listens. The Mayor is NOT an entry level position. The other candidate does not have he experience we need for the City of Gainesville.

Ed Book for District 2 Commissioner

I endorsed Ed Book for District 2 City Commissioner because while their are four good candidates running for the District 2 seat, Ed Book is the better candidate because he is also a perons who listens and has the respect of the community to help the City of Gainesville move into a positive direction.

Dejoin Cane for District 3 Commissioner

He has the experience from being the chairman of the Affordable Housing Committee as well as the commitment to truly represent the interests of the District 3 City Residents

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