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Monday 6th of June 2022, 11:38am

Campaign Platform Issues Implementation Guide

My campaign platform issues implementation guide is now available at



Monday 11th of April 2022, 10:22pm

A Proposed Solution for Inflationary Home Prices?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been created an index known as the FMR or Fair Market Rents. I went a step further and modified the spreadsheet to add a column titled FMS or Fair Market Sales based on the FMR where the allocation for housing expense is 30%, the modified spreadsheet is available at

Friday 18th of March 2022, 11:23am

A proposed solution for rising housing costs?

While I am proposing income-based affordable housing, the City of Gainesville can pass an ordinance that creates rent control based on the HUD Fair Market rents ( That no landlord with a private room, apartment or home listed for rent within the city limits may charge more than the current HUD FMR. I landlord may apply for an exemption by completing an application for exemption with a payment of a fee, to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

To curb the inflationary rate of home prices will involve HUD to create a similar metric for Fair Market Home Prices, for with another ordinance can be passed to limit home prices and offers to not exceed the new HUD Fair Market Home Prices. Currently HUD only offers a metric of home price sales at An exemption can also be provided for the high-end luxury homes.

The majority of rentals with the City of Gainesville are already listed below the HUD FMR rates.

Please send me a message about your thoughts.

Tuesday 1st of February 2022, 01:48pm

Using my Uber education benefit to enroll in ASU for a degree in Public Policy

Local elections are for entry level candidates, those candidates without any previous public experience. Though a degree in public administration or public policy is NOT a requirement, having an education background will permit the candidate upon being elected, serve the people better.

Uber offers all drivers who have accumulated at least 3000 completed trips, a free education benefit with Arizona State University ( While my enrollment is pending, many state universities in Florida offer free education to seniors over 60 years of age when they audit a class. The University of Florida offers a two-course certificate on public affairs.

Meanwhile MIT Open courseware (OCW) has a large selection of complete course on public policy. The University of West Florida has a list of public policy courses.

While I am waiting on my enrollment at ASU, I have other options to prepare in the interim.

Saturday 22nd of January 2022, 12:20pm

I endorse Matt Howland for the At-Large Seat B. Vote January 25,2022

Because just as the following story states that retailers need to be forward thinkers, we need forward thinkers on the City Commission like Matt Howland and myself for which I am pursuing the District 3 seat on August 23, 2022 election. With Matt Howland in the At-Large Seat B, will permit Cynthia Chestnut to run for her own District 4 seat and Scherwin Henry to become the next Mayor of Gainesville because Mr. Henry is also a forward thinker and an experienced two term City Commissioner.

Thursday 18th of November 2021, 04:50am

Post Election Blues (aka depression)

A topic which isn’t discussed though should be. Post-election depression (PED) is a real thing. It’s when a candidate (and campaign team) is emotionally affected by the lost. The level of PED depends on the strength and effort put into the campaign. The feeling of PED is like when you are at a football game and after the quarterback delivers the ball, he is left all alone on the field because all the other players are chasing the ball. Or when watching the launch of STS-1 in Florida on the Banana River where you camped out all night, kept awake for updates every 15 minutes, and then when launch occurs and after the shockwave has reached you, you have a sense of emptiness because the shuttle is on its way to orbit.

PED is Real! I prepared myself for a lost because my campaign is more than just my candidacy, it’s an opportunity to bring issues, ideology and potential solutions to the public.

Since there is another election in 2022 for City Commissioners which include my District 3, I prepared my Statement of Candidacy and Assignment of Campaign Treasurer for the District 3 seat and filed my paperwork the day after.

I received a pleasant thank you message from a voter, thanking me for operating a clean campaign and expressed their interest in working with me in the future.

I have more time and a smaller territory of voters to meet and greet. I will be seeking out help from others and preparing a campaign budget, with the acquisition of a foldup disability scooter.

The special election only allowed candidates 8 weeks while the next City Commission election gives candidates 40 weeks.

Wednesday 17th of November 2021, 08:46am

The Next Campaign

This morning I have filed my Statement of Candidacy and Treasurer Appointment as Candidate for City Commission, District 3. I am asking for your assistance with my campaign. Please contact me. ([email protected])

Tuesday 16th of November 2021, 07:00pm

Polls are closed, counting has begun

Through the canvassing board process, election results should be available on Saturday, November 20, 2021, on the Supervisor of Elections website. and initial summary.

Tuesday 16th of November 2021, 07:00am

Election Day Polls opened until 7:00 pm

The day of decision by you, the voter has arrived.

Sunday 14th of November 2021, 01:00pm

Souls of the Polls Event

Spoke at the Souls of the Polls event on Sunday, November 14, 2021 between 1-5 pm.

In-kind donation from Black Vote Matters Fund of a T-shirt and drawstring backpack received.

Black Vote Matters Fund, 3645 Marketplace Blvd, Suite 130-209, East Point, GA, 30344, USA


Sunday 14th of November 2021, 06:54am

An apology...

While campaigning these past weeks, I have learned something that I was not previously aware,

“This country is racist!”

And I am both embarrassed and sadden.

Since congress prevented the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act from becoming law and Florida legislature didn’t take up on the task, I will, if elected, introduce a local version for the City of Gainesville of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act.

I also encourage my opponents, if they are elected to also submit a petition for a local version of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act, and their supporters to remind their candidate this is good legislation.

The City Commissioners that vote against the local version of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act, will be showing their true feelings?

When there is no Federal or State law, Local laws can be and should be established!

We need to bring back American Pride with the American Dream!

Friday 12th of November 2021, 10:00am

Submitted my fourth campaign finance report

My campaign finance report for the period of 11/01/2021-11/11/2021 has been submitted and included in-kind donation for monthly hosting of JOURNEYTOPUBLICOFFICE.VOTE

Thursday 11th of November 2021, 10:06am

Q&A with Main Street Daily News

Main Street Daily news sent me three questions to answer and your review my response on their website

Wednesday 10th of November 2021, 11:23am

My first attack!

By the 5th candidate, Gabriel H. Kaimowitz states,

“…Another white candidate, an elderly Uber driver, lives in the false history which led to October 12th being a holiday to honor white intrusion and conquest of the indigenous people who were here at the time.  Unfortunately, he will not take any significant number of votes from Trumpster Howland….”

October 12 is Christopher Columbus day. According to Mr. Kaimowitz statement, “I am a dreamer living in a fantasy with delusions of grandeur?”

I will begin by saying, that I know controversy and attacks very well, but first would like to thank all that provided my guidance during my first campaign.

Growing up, I was always the scapegoat, the young boy who was butt of everyone’s jokes, part of the unpopular crowd. Blessed are my early mentors who shed light on these attacks and redirected my behavior into a constructive lifestyle based on empathy and humility. Growing up, I adopted quality principles instilled in by my faith, my mother, my relatives and the few friends that I had. Always reminding myself, that life isn’t fair and you will always be tested to prove yourself to others. There are many more mean-spirited people in the world than we would like to admit. Instead of getting angry, I rather understand the person and decide a course of action whether I need to change, the other person needs to change, or change is not an option? When change is not option, in most cases, I work towards a compromise and through my negotiating skills with my empathy and humility, helps to reach a compromise, so collaboration can continue.

Success doesn’t come from the easy tasks, Success comes from the hard controversaries that help make the decisions! (When given a lemon, make lemonade!)

Back in 2011, while contracting in NYC on software development assignments, I relaunched my snack vending business in the Mid-Hudson valley region. I hired a local business major student and paid a flat salary but limited the office assistance to no more than 15 hours per week, there were weeks the student had no hours and other weeks the student put in the maximum hours of 15 week, the salary was the same whether there was 0-hour week or a 15-hour week. Also instructed that the student’s education is first priority! Then proceeded to buy a truck load of u-turn snack machines, then paid a locator to place those machines. Trained my assistant on how to properly service machines, and my assistant would only service the machines at the establishments that were opened during weekdays, while I serviced the machines opened on weekends.  Now that I am an operating business with income, I targeted local government food and concessions contracts, winning my first three-year government contract to operate an upstate NY food concession stand during the summer months.  I had captive patrons because I was the only operator in the park. After the first year, a beverage delivery contract was available to provide bottled drinks to a local school district. While the park concession stand contract, I was the only bidder and easily won, the beverage delivery contract there were four bidders: Coke, Pepsi, Snapple and my two person-operation.

I out bid both Pepsi and Snapple and won the three-year beverage delivery contract. As an independent beverage vendor, the product choice is customer driven.

Never under estimate the new comer? Also don’t be intimidated by your opponent’s just because of their size and experience.

While my opponent’s may have the experience of political campaigning and funding, their experience does not intimidate me from campaigning and do not let the experience of future candidates intimidate new political contenders!

As your At-Large, Seat B City Commissioner, I represent all the residents in the City of Gainesville, because my representation is People-driven!


Wednesday 10th of November 2021, 04:23am

Working hard vs Working smart?

Campaigning is much like a door-to-door sales (and have I worked in sales as a door-to-door salesman), which the difference of instead of asking for money, the candidate is asking for votes?

Just as sales is numbers game, campaigning is also a numbers game. The more voters you reach, the greater the chance for achieving a victory?

Additionally, campaigning is a game of chance, not that you are playing against the house, but more like poker, where both skill and luck is needed against your opponents? (btw the house takes it’s rake through qualifying fees)

Matt Howland is a hard worker, knocking on and talking to 5000 voters, but that is only 5% of the electorate.

Due to my limited mobility, I cannot knock on 5000 doors, so I need to work smarter to reach more voters. As your independent rideshare driver for both Uber and Lyft, I have effectively talked with over 19,505 voters, that is 21% of the electorate.

Giving my other two opponents, Cynthia M. Chestnut and Scherwin Henry, the benefit of the doubt and with their previous campaign experience to reach 25% of the voters each, respectively for a combine total of 50%.

With an overall total of 76% of the electorate contacted (hypothetically), this Special Election on November 16, 2021 (with early voting starting on November 12, 2021), we should see the largest turn out in the history of the City of Gainesville?

This election is very important because the candidate elected, has the opportunity to reshape the City Commission to restore governance for the People of Gainesville, Florida!

Tuesday 9th of November 2021, 07:00pm

Duckpond Neighborhood Advance

Attended a virtual forum for Duckpond Neighborhood Advance.

Tuesday 9th of November 2021, 04:00pm

CHOMP the Vote forum

Attended the CHOMP the Vote physical forum at 1501 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL, where the candidates were asked questions about voter suppression and SB90, as well as other issues including increasing community engagement in government affairs.

One of the issues raise was the Congressional Bill known as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act was block by the Senate. As a candidate, I have a greater voice then a voter, I have begun reaching out the Republican Senators to open a dialog? I urge my opponents to also reach out to the Republican Senators. Because what happens in DC affects us here in Gainesville, Florida.

As a voter, you are also urge to contact your senator, the phone list is available here.

Friday 5th of November 2021, 05:05pm

Q&A with Rural Women's Health Project

The Rural Women’s Health Project sent me questions to answer concerning the Gainesville Immigrant Inclusion initiative.

Friday 5th of November 2021, 11:56am

My absence from UF students hold debate for at-large City Commission race

I always want attend these events. I normally receive invitations via my email of [email protected] and started receiving requests beginning the day after qualifying. I searched my email including inbox, spam and sent, doubled check my calendar, and the reason that I did not attend because I did not receive an invitation to attend. My google alerts brought this past event to my attention when the summary was published at UF students hold debate for at-large City Commission race – The Independent Florida Alligator.

When I receive a request, I immediately check my calendar for any conflicts. If the requested time is available, I will then block off the time on my calendar for the requested event and reply to the requester. I am scheduled to attend the CHOMP the Vote event on November 9.

Thursday 4th of November 2021, 10:26am

Received questions from a concerned voter

You owned a restaurant in New York. What was the name of the place, what kind of place was it, how many employees? Does this help you manage city employees, or help you get a good city manager who can do so?

“The restaurant was Big Apple News & Grub and served breakfast and lunch in an underserved market. I had three employees. While the Gainesville municipal code prohibits Commissioners from managing the city employees, I will not manage the city employees as the responsibility is on the charter officers appointed. Being a restaurant owner with employees provides me better insight than someone who does have supervisory experience and makes me a better team player. Remember, that I would be 1 of 7 commissioners.”

You mention protecting retail workers from violence. What would you like to see to make this happen?

Protecting retail workers from violence by making them a protected class, similar to bus drivers, to be more of a deterrent from threat of violence that the offender knows there will be severe penalties resulting from their behavior.

You mention having a technologically advanced and strong police force. What kind of technology would you like officers to have?

Tools that make our police more effective, from improved public surveillance, to better communications and protocols that do not introduce controversies.

Thursday 4th of November 2021, 12:06am

Is the fate of the City of Gainesville coming like Cedar Grove?

Unless the right candidate is chosen that can bring back the commission to governance for the people, the Supervisor of Elections for Alachua County may have no other choice but to issue a referendum to dissolve the City of Gainesville and transfer all assets and liabilities to the County of Alachua? Read the story about Cedar Grove dissolution. I personally do not want to see the City of Gainesville dissolved. Any dissolution will put a major strain on the local economy. Save the City of Gainesville, your hometown, elect the ONLY candidate that can bring order to kaos, and governance back for the benefit of the residents of Gainesville. Vote for Patrick O. Ingle on November 16, 2021!

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021, 05:00pm

Alachua Chronicle Candidate Forum

Participate in the Candidate forum sponsored by the Alachua Chronicle, you can watch here.

Monday 1st of November 2021, 11:25pm

Alachua County Labor Coalition Candidate Questionnaire

I have been given the opportunity to answers questions asked by the ACLC and you can view my response their questions here.

Monday 1st of November 2021, 10:20am

Submitted my Campaign Finance Report

The previous two weeks since my last report, were spent speaking at interviews and entertaining my rider’s questions, there was no activity to report (donations or expenses) and a waiver was submitted in lieu of the report. The campaign finance report is for the period of 10/16/2021-10/31/2021.

Friday 29th of October 2021, 01:00pm

NAACP's Radio interview by Dr. Alice Walton

I was invited to a radio interview for the NAACP by Dr. Alice Walton.

Monday 25th of October 2021, 04:00pm

My mail in ballot deposited with the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

Let’s increase the voter turn out to unprecedented levels? Please vote!

Monday 25th of October 2021, 01:00pm

Participated in the Get-to-Know-Your-Candidate by the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce

A one-on-one interview with five questions. The link to watch my interview

Sunday 24th of October 2021, 10:11am

What I mean about being Over-Qualified?

From my first interview, I continue to re-iterate that both Cynthia Moore Chestnut and Scherwin L. Henry are both over-qualified for this position and has nothing to do with age or race!

They have both started their political careers as a City Commissioner without any political experience whatsoever. Through out their political and public service career, they have developed patterns of behavior that could and possible would become disruptive returning to the entry-level position they have started. I am afraid, that when they try assert themselves with their current patterns of behavior, they will do more harm then good and create more disruption and paralyzed the commission from governing. Basically, they are set in their ways and we the people of Gainesville, do not need inflexible commissioners?

I would rather see Cynthia Moore Chestnut as the Governor of Florida, and Scherwin L. Henry as the mayor of the City of Gainesville, once we have a city commission governing and representing the people again?

Matt Howland is a new comer as a political candidate but not a new comer to political campaigning. Mr. Howland has worked in the Federal level of government. Additionally, Mr. Howland is still of career-age and I would be concern that he is willing to give up a six figure consulting salary for a $35K salary? Mr. Howland mentioned that his employer allowed him to worked remotely during the pandemic, what will happen to Mr. Howland if his employer will require him to come back to Washington DC? Is Mr. Howland really going to give up a six figure consultant salary? If he doesn’t and resigns his seat with the City of Gainesville Commission, we are back with another expensive special election? I would rather see Matt Howland to be our state representative in the US Congress because based on his own political and private experience at the Federal level. Matt Howland would be more suited as a US Congress Representative representing the State of Florida?

Gabe H. Kaimowitz is effectively resigned from the election when he directly endorsed Scherwin L. Henry in his closing statement at the LWVAC virtual forum on October 23, 2021.

Electing myself, Patrick O. Ingle, will preserved our democracy by showing that anyone with a desire to enter public office and serve the people they represent can and succeed!

Saturday 23rd of October 2021, 03:04pm

Received a question from a voter

I would be interested to know if you believe a women has the right to end her pregnancy at any time, up until delivery?

This question relates to a federal decision made initially by Roe v Wade. Local governments cannot create laws that contradict existing federal and state laws. When a City Commissioner takes their oath of office, the commissioner swears to uphold the laws. This includes federal, state as well as local laws. As your Commissioner, At-Large, I will continue to uphold any federal and state law and not introduce a petition that contradicts these laws, regardless of personal views that may be different, if any? Voters should contact their state or federal representative.

Saturday 23rd of October 2021, 01:00pm

League of Women Voters City of Gainesville Special Election Forum

Participated during the live stream along with the other candidates. You can view at Facebook


Thursday 21st of October 2021, 11:00am

Interview with

Met Logan of (2) Logan Eats Better | Facebook at the East End Eatery for an hour long interview.

Wednesday 20th of October 2021, 11:02pm

Participated in Gainesville Sun Candidate online forum

Presented by Nathan Crabbe from the Gainesville Sun.

Thank you, Mr. Crabbe for inviting all of us to participate. I really appreciate the chance to share my views and receive those of my fellow candidates. Nathan Crabbe: Get informed, vote in Gainesville commission election, 

You can watch the recorded video at

Wednesday 20th of October 2021, 07:00am

The City of Gainesville Housing Action Plan

Important City of Gainesville Housing Action Plan: (scheduled for discussion on October 28, 2021 at 1:00 pm)


A Free software for Landlords to managed their single or multiple properties based on my Mother’s former manual rental pegboard system for Dadeland Gardens Apartments. The apartment management system was originally written in Clipper with DBase3+ and migrated to Node-Electron using Microsoft Access. The application is a back office application, though API’s provide to extend for a forward-facing tenant web application using proxy redirection. The application can be download for free at

A free software application is the Rent Qualify which calculates a tenants maximum monthly and weekly rent affordability based on their gross annual income. The application can be downloaded for free from

When you are ready to buy, you can use the free Mortgage Affordability Calculator to determine the maximum amount of a home purchase you can afford based on your annual income and current prime rate-ONLY. Then search on the popular real property listing websites for homes up to your maximum price. You can download the application from

A free application for Credit Report Agency dispute letter preparation is available for free from This application does not give legal advice, only prepares standard dispute letters. The CRA Dispute application is best used when working with an attorney by preparing the letters yourself and submitting them to your attorney. If you need to locate an attorney you can search on or

Tuesday 19th of October 2021, 04:32pm

Answering a question from a Voter

I have received the following question from a voter,

Hi Mr. Ingle, I noticed that you are running for city commission, but that you have never voted in a city election. It looks like you’ve only voted in two Florida elections: the 2020 August primary and the 2020 presidential election. Since you’ve been registered to vote in Florida  since 2016, why haven’t you participated in city elections previously and how can I be assured that you will be committed to an office that you yourself have never voted for before?
My answer:
Thank you for your message.
I haven’t voted in previous city elections for the same reason why many city residents do not vote in the city elections, the lack of  awareness of these elections.
I didn’t know about this election until the Saturday prior to the first day of qualifying.
Our residents have busy schedules and if they are not notified of upcoming elections, they can adjust their schedules to vote.
As your commissioner, I would introduce procedures that will improve notification of future elections to our registered voters.
Voting for me will help to preserve our democracy because my candidacy and election will engage more citizens to participate in their local government whether that is attending public meetings and voicing the concerns, running for public office themselves, or just casting their ballot?
I bring valuable insight to the commission and city will benefit.
My commitment to the position of City Gainesville total depends on you and all residents of the City of Gainesville to voice your concerns and gratitude?
Thank you,
Patrick O. Ingle
Candidate for Gainesville City Commission, At-Large, Seat B

Tuesday 19th of October 2021, 11:44am

Completed Zoom meeting with NCFAA

Thank you for the opportunity for me to listen and hear your concerns, and allowing me to share my views. Affordable housing works best when everyone benefits. When a tenant feels good about their home, the other problems don’t seem so big?

Monday 18th of October 2021, 10:00am

Submitted Candidate Finance report for period ending October 11, 2021

I have submitted my second campaign finance report for the period of October 1 through October 11, 2021 and will be submitting the printed and signed copy to the City Clerk. You can view this campaign report at Candidate Reports (

Monday 18th of October 2021, 09:30am

Candidate Statement available in the Gainesville Sun

Shortly after qualification for the City Commissioner At-Large Seat B position, I was invited as the other candidates, to provide up to a 600 word statement to be published in the Gainesville Sun, the local newspaper. My statement is now available at Patrick Ingle: We need leaders who aren’t afraid to reach out, listen (

Thursday 14th of October 2021, 06:00pm

Participated in the in-person Candidate forum at the Communication Workers of America - Local 3170

Received a call at 3:25 pm, to be invited to attended the CWA Local 3170 candidate forum at 6:00 pm. I humbly accepted. Only four of the five candidates appeared. I was the second speaker. I also introduced myself to the other two candidates.

Thursday 14th of October 2021, 10:54am

Official Campaign Video available

Visit the Facebook campaign page at

Monday 11th of October 2021, 10:00am

Submitted the printed or hard copy version of my first campaign finance report

Received a reminder from the City Clerk that a printed and signed version of the campaign finance report must be submitted to City Clerk by the deadline of October 11, 2021. You can view my finance report at Candidate Reports (

Tuesday 5th of October 2021, 03:46pm

Completed 2 hour course Understanding and Using Parliamentary Procedure

In the public meeting on September 27, 2021, a reference was made to the Commissioners they should learn Parliamentary Procedure. A 2 hour course is available from FSU on the Understanding and Using Parliamentary Procedure. In the course, sidebars of the Commissioners (talking among themselves) is discourage in Parliamentary Procedures as well as the adherence to motion precedence.

I have completed this course and you can view my certificate of completion at

Monday 4th of October 2021, 05:00pm

Questionnaires completed!

Shortly after qualifying for my candidacy, I have received invitations for interviews, appearances and questionnaires. I have complete the questionnaires received to-date. I really appreciate receiving the questionnaires because as the unknown candidate in this election, your issues should NOT be left unknown! On my campaign website, I have place an anonymous issue submission form (just press the Issues button) where you can state your issues and concerns. As the candidate for the At-Large seat on the Gainesville City Commission, I have the responsibility to represent the entire population of Gainesville and not just a small subset. Let your issues be known, I am listening…

Friday 1st of October 2021, 01:09pm


After a long deliberation for an appropriate TLD (or top level domain), I decided on JOURNEYTOPUBLICOFFICE.VOTE because as a first-time candidate, this is truly a journey. Then I needed to find an affordable registrar. While was my first choice, had a better initial first year price for a VOTE domain.

Friday 1st of October 2021, 09:00am

Submitted my first Campaign Finance Report

While the report is due on October 11, I submitted my report the first day after the end of the first reporting period or October 1. You can view my report at Candidate Reports ( The campaign finance report is for the period of 09/01/2021-09/30/2021.

Wednesday 29th of September 2021, 01:00pm

WUFT Interview

Today, I give an interview for WUFT in the College of Journalism on the campus of University of Florida. 

My responses to the interview questions can be found at Candidate Q&A with Patrick Ingle, an Uber driver worried about rising rents in Gainesville – WUFT News

Tuesday 28th of September 2021, 09:37am

Hired a Speech Writer and Logo designer from Fiverr

After an exhaustive review of speech writers on Fiverr, I hired a speech writer to create a memorable “stump” speech as referred in the Campaign Strategy masterclass. Additionally, I hired a logo designer giving them full creative freedom for the campaign door knockers.

Monday 27th of September 2021, 05:30pm

Attending Opponents Event

Attending Candidate Cynthia Chestnut event to introduce myself after the festivities have concluded. I will remain in the back, as not to cause a distraction nor upstage Ms. Chestnut’s event out of professional courtesy and respect.

Without respect, governing will only fail!

Sunday 26th of September 2021, 06:04pm

Enrolled in the Masterclass for the Campaign Plan by David Axelrod and Karl Rove

Knowing that I have no campaign experience, I need to acquire the skills quickly. I found the following masterclass for campaign strategy at The Campaign Plan | David Axelrod and Karl Rove Teach Campaign Strategy and Messaging | MasterClass

Friday 24th of September 2021, 12:00pm

Qualifying is over!

The qualifying week for new candidates to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Gainesville City Commission, At-Large, Seat B is now over.

Friday 24th of September 2021, 10:00am

Elections are serious!

Every “i” must be dotted, and every “t” must be crossed. Received a call from the City Clerk that I forgot to add a dot on middle initial for my qualifying forms. Upon arrival at City Hall, but before going inside, I receive a phone call from a reporter at the Gainesville Sun and gave an impromptu interview for his story at Gainesville City Commission election: Five candidates file to run. I then corrected and added the dot next to my middle initial.

Thursday 23rd of September 2021, 01:00pm

Is my campaign is making a positive influence on the board?

I am a positive influence on my children and friends and if elected I know I would be a positive influence on the board which stems from my respect, humility and empathy.

After my first interview was recorded on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 and broadcast at 10 pm on CW and 11 pm on TV20 as well as on the morning show on September 23, 2021, there was a public meeting held by the Gainesville City Commission at 1 pm on September 23, 2021 which can be viewed at

Coincidence or not? Based on the time markers below, is my campaign already having a positive influence on the commissioners?

16:13-17:00 professional governing
22:40 – public commenter on humility and empathy is needed
27:40- Pastor Ron Rawls
32:52- Gail Johnson
38:47- nothing is impossible
53:40- more professional governing
54:30-different perspective is better than fighting
1:30:39-commission is split, commission to work together
1:33:31-Nathan Scott, dsyfunctional discussions
1:37:02-In response, city attorney is NOT elected position, but a staff appointed position, and the applicant is entitled to privacy during the job applicant process. A public meeting for the comment and questions to city attorney selected applicant
1:40:05-Pastor Ron Rawls, 9 months of childish government
1:45:21-Caller, lot needs to change
1:48:27-Commissioner Ward, change is occurring
1:50:31-Nathan Scott, lack of responsibility for placing an item on the agenda
1:53:43-Caller Armando Grundy-Gomes, mentions need humility from our commissioners, this commission lacks humility
1:57:10-Pastor Ron Rawls, city deserves better, have the ability to understand, and leadership humble


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021, 01:00pm

Interview with WCJB-TV20

I have given my first interview with WCJB-TV 20 in Gainesville, stressing before any new candidate can introduce proposals, the current chaos must stop. Yelling and fighting has never resolve conflict. Humility and empathy is what is needed to resolve conflict for the board to resume governing again.

The Gainesville City Commissioner, At-Large, Seat B is an entry-level position and not suited for experienced candidates because they will not be as effected as need and may become bored, nor is this position suitable for career-minded individuals that is looking at a short stint in public office to help benefit their private career, and definitely this position is not suited for an individual who wants to argue in an non-civil manner?

I am the only candidate suitable to hold this position with my experience in resolving conflict and the perseverance to learn the processes during my campaign so my onboarding will be quick.

You can watch my interview at Retiree and Uber driver Patrick Ingle enters Gainesville City Commission race (

Monday 20th of September 2021, 04:30pm

Qualified for Special Election

I have qualified as a candidate for the Special Election for the Gainesville City Commissioner, At-Large, Seat B position today. Candidate Reports (

What does At-Large mean? (from Wikipedia)

At-large is a description for members of a governing body who are elected or appointed to represent a whole membership or population, rather than a subset.

This means that I, as your City Commissioner is obligated to represent ALL of the Residents of the City of Gainesville!

Sunday 19th of September 2021, 04:00pm

Completed 4 hour Ethics course

I completed the 4 hour course online through FSU on Florida Ethics, Public Records and Sunshine Law 2021. View my certificate at

Saturday 18th of September 2021, 03:00pm

Decided to run for the Gainesville City Commission, At-Large, Seat B position

After watching WCJB-TV10 announcement of the special election for the Gainesville City Commission, At-Large, Seat B position, I have decided to enter the race, but before qualifying, I need to research any requirements like taking a 4 hour ethics course, sanitize my public social feeds for any offensive posts and prepare my qualifying papers.


My name is Patrick Ingle and I am running for the Gainesville City Commissioner District 3. I am a father and an engineer. I am your neighbor. For too long we have lived with the status quo. For too long we have been satisfied with “good enough” when greatness has always been within our reach. It’s time for a change. The time for rhetoric has long passed. The time for action is upon us. We can move this community forward as a force of togetherness, united in our goals to make Gainesville a better place for every constituent. A place that can serve as a model community unhampered by political divisiveness or socio-economic prejudice. A place that we can be proud to call our home.

As a Gainesville resident, I have experienced first-hand the deficiency of basic services, the lack of attention to our most vulnerable citizens and the non-solutions-based thinking from our city leadership. As a father of two, my appreciation for what citizens around me do not have is both heart-breaking and unacceptable. We need to do better.

I am an engineer both by education and experience. I studied under brilliant minds at both Miami Dade College and Florida International University. I was mentored by software prodigies in the early days of IBM. I am wired to solve problems and I have been schooled to find solutions. Software development requires a structured and orderly approach to problem solving. It requires a keen sense of understanding and anticipation in order to most efficiently and effectively get to the root of the issues. This is the type of forward thinking and practical experience that I can and will bring to the office of Gainesville City Commissioner.

Effective leaders are good listeners. I will take the time to really understand your interests and your concerns, because a good leader must do more than just listen. A good leader must hear. I will not just open my ears to your concerns, I will open my heart and my mind. And I will fight for every resident of the City of Gainesville regardless of your race, religion, socio-economic status or gender. As your elected official, I owe that to you.

I will bring a measure of accountability and transparency to this position. These are critical factors in order to develop a level of open trust in your government officials and a true belief in your governmental policies. The call for transparency is not a fad that will fade with time. More than ever before, voters are demanding their leaders be open and honest about their political and personal agendas. I pledge to bring this level of decency and reliability to Gainesville City Hall.

I am optimistic about our future, but I will plan for every contingency so that our citizens can be assured that they are getting the very best from this elected position. I recognize the need for sound and stable leadership that will unite our community and form a cornerstone for the foundation of safe neighborhoods and local business growth.

I recognize that in a democracy the people rule. Elected officials represent the people’s best interests in every political, economic and social aspect of their elected position. And I greatly I look forward to serving you as City Commissioner.

Donor Form

Donations for the Official Campaign of Patrick O. Ingle for the position of Gainesville City Commission, At-Large, Seat B.

I limit donations to a maximum of $100 per household and cannot accept anonymous donations.

If you see me in a restaurant, you are welcome to engage me in civil and peaceful conversation, but be mindful of other diners or the restaurant management may ask both of us to leave which they have the right to do.

I would prefer that you do not pay for my meal, as this would be consider an anonymous donation and I must ask for a paid receipt.

While driving for Lyft and Uber, I promise not to campaign during your ride and to provide you with a quiet and safe trip to your destination. I prefer that you use the rideshare app when giving a tip for your ride and reframe from cash tips until after a new commissioner has been elected.

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Campaign finances are a matter of public record. My campaign adds more transparency by providing a financial ledger.

Candidate Reporting Periods and Due Dates

Reporting PeriodDue Date
11/01/2021 - 11/30/202112/10/2021
12/01/2021 - 12/31/202101/10/2022
01/01/2022 - 01/31/202202/10/2022
02/01/2022 - 02/28/202203/10/2022
03/01/2022 - 03/31/202204/11/2022
04/01/2022 - 04/30/202205/10/2022
05/01/2022 - 05/31/202206/10/2022
06/01/2022 - 06/17/2022)06/24/2022
06/18/2022 - 07/01/202207/22/2022
07/02/2022 - 07/15/202207/22/2022
07/16/2022 - 07/22/202207/29/2022
07/30/2022 - 08/05/202208/12/2022
08/06/2022 - 08/18/202208/19/2022
08/19/2022 - 08/26/202209/02/2022
08/27/2022 - 09/09/202209/16/2022
09/10/2022 - 09/23/202209/30/2022
09/24/2022 - 10/07/202210/14/2022
10/08/2022 - 10/21/202210/28/2022
10/22/2022 - 11/03/202211/04/2022


09/20/2021Candidate to Themselves401.00
09/26/2021Candidate to Themselves276.00
09/28/2021Candidate to Themselves149.70
09/29/2021Candidate to Themselves40.00
10/01/2021Candidate to Themselves105.00
10/01/2021In-Kind Donation for first month of Web Hosting10.00
10/04/2021Candidate to Themselves80.00
10/07/2021Campaign Contribution9.22
11/01/2021In-Kind Donation for second month of Web Hosting10.00
11/14/2021In-Kind Donation for Black Vote Matters Fund 3XL T-Shirt25.00
11/14/2021In-Kind Donation for Black Vote Matters Fund draw string backpack15.00
01/31/2022Candidate to Themselves12.00
02/28/2022In-Kind Donation for Web Hosting for January and Febraury, 202220.00
03/01/2022In-Kind Donation for Web Hosting for March 202210.00
04/01/2022In-Kind Donation for Web Hosting for April 202210.00
05/01/2022In-Kind Donation for Web Hosting for May 202210.00
06/06/2022Candidate to Themselves100.00
06/14/2022Candidate to Themselves300.00
06/15/2022Candidate to Themselves100.00


09/20/2021Qualifying Fee351.18
09/20/2021Bank Fee for new account when opening the campaign account15.00
09/26/2021David Axelrod and Karl Rove Campaign Strategy Masterclass276.00
09/28/2021Speech Writer105.00
09/28/2021Graphics Designer for campaign door knockers44.20
10/01/2021Content writer105.00
10/01/2021Domain registration for journeytopublicoffice.vote15.16
10/03/2021Logo Designer40.00
10/04/2021Video Advertisement Creator70.00
12/31/2021Bank Fee12.00
to Themselves
02/28/2022Web Hosting for January-February, In-Kind Donation20.00
03/01/2022Web Hosting to March, In-Kind donation10.00
04/11/2022Email hosting from Zoho Mail, monthly recurring7.00
05/12/2022Email hosting from Zoho Mail, monthly recurring7.00
06/12/2022Email hosting from Zoho Mail, monthly recurring7.00
06/14/2022Qualifying Fee370.85
06/17/2022Car Magnet Signs62,65

Official Candidate Campaign Finance reporting is located at Candidate Reports ( All candidates

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2021 Florida Election Code (

Publications – Division of Elections – Florida Department of State (

Initially my campaign is self-funded. While I am acquiring endorsements and contributions, I will not use those contributions as reimbursement during the campaign. When the campaign has concluded including any runoff election, any remaining monies will be used for reimbursement (for donations listed as a loan by candidate to themselves on the public reports) and any excess will be dispose in accordance with Florida Election Code.


The following are endorsements received or given, whether or not a campaign contribution was given?


The following are endorsements received from persons or entities, whether or not a campaign contribution was made?


The following are endorsements that as a candidate I give, whether or not a campaign contribution is made or expected?

  • I support the Gainesville Police Department, and if elected, will ensure they have the resources to police effectively.
  • I support the Gainesville Fire Rescue, and if elected, will ensure they have the resources to provide emergency services to all residents and visitors to the City if Gainesville.
  • I support the Rural Women’s Health Project because they have similar goals, including educating a strong police department.

Contact Candidate Patrick O. Ingle

Please use this form to contact the candidate Patrick O. Ingle. If you would like Mr. Ingle to make an appearance at your upcoming event, please provide the date, event and full contact details in the “Reason for Contact” field.

Payment is not required for appearances and anonymous donations will not be accepted at your event.


As a candidate for the Gainesville City Commissioner District 3 seat, my first responsibility is to the residents of District 3 regardless of a person socio-economic status, race, religion, sex, etc. Secondarily to remaining population of the City of Gainesville. As a District 3 City Commissioner, I will not make or endorse any petition that adversely affects the residents of District 3 and the City of Gainesville.

The following issues are important, which is not a limitation,

  1. Affordable housing through rent control that is a win-win for both landlords and tenants,
  2. Strong, technological advanced and educated Police force so controversies can be avoided,
  3. Protected status for Restaurant workers from unwanted acts of violence and intimidation,
  4. Restaurant and Retail Worker Retirement and Disability to help restore the work force.

I would like to here about your concerns and suggestions? I will address your issues, when appropriate, on my Official Facebook Campaign. Make sure you are following the page for updates.

Other Issues concerning the residents of the City of Gainesville: 

Apply for affordable housing from Gainesville Housing Authority.

We, as the city, are bound by the guidelines of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) guidelines for transportation infrastructure improvement. This includes the implementation of Complete Streets. The good news is that FDOT has guidelines for pedestrian overpasses. You can view the FDOT Design Manual from the Law Links.

From the MUTCD, 

02 Pedestrian signal heads should be used under any of the following conditions:

  1. If it is necessary to assist pedestrians in deciding when to begin crossing the roadway in the chosen direction or if engineering judgment determines that pedestrian signal heads are justified to minimize vehicle-pedestrian conflicts;
  2. If pedestrians are permitted to cross a portion of a street, such as to or from a median of sufficient width for pedestrians to wait, during a particular interval but are not permitted to cross the remainder of the street during any part of the same interval; and/or
  3. If no vehicular signal indications are visible to pedestrians, or if the vehicular signal indications that are visible to pedestrians starting a crossing provide insufficient guidance for them to decide when to begin crossing the roadway in the chosen direction, such as on one-way streets, at T-intersections, or at multi-phase signal operations.

03 Pedestrian signal heads may be used under other conditions based on engineering judgment.

A pedestrian-head change to include a pedestrian-only crossing at 13th & University is justified to further minimize vehicle-pedestrian conflicts. While MUTCD does not contain any direct reference to diagonal crosswalks, only crosswalks in general. A recommended Warrant 4 study should be conducted before implementing pedestrian-oriented directional signage which includes crosswalks. 


June 2022



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